Building a Paint Booth

At A-Frame, we not only sell paint booths, but we install them on a regular basis. Building a paint booth can be a challenge, and if you’re having trouble we hope you’ll contact us. For specific, complete instructions on installing an A-Frame booth, please view our Installation Manual.

First Things First

It’s important to have adequate space in your shop when you begin unpacking your booth. Take a quick look at the isometric, or exploded drawing of your booth.
Building a Paint Booth

Most paint booths will include detailed parts lists and drawings, which will identify parts and panels. Before you begin assembling your booth, it’s helpful to have the panels that will go on the left stacked on the left side of your shop, and vice versa. If you are building a paint booth that is a cross flow, like our Squall, the exhaust plenum is located in the back of the booth. Use provided parts lists and drawings to determine which parts are for the plenum and stage them near where the rear of the booth will be. When you order a booth from A-Frame, isometric drawings, parts lists and assembly hardware are included. All panels are numbered in order of assembly to make sorting and installation easier. If you’re thinking of building a paint booth from scratch, please visit our Homemade Paint Booth page. This page will give you and idea of the costs involved, and the advantages of ordering an A-Frame booth!

A Note on Tools

To help support the wall panels during assembly, we use a handy stick with an opened hook installed to slip into the panel holes and ‘prop-up’ the panel. This will hold the panel in the appropriate position so you can continue assembly.

Building a Paint Booth

Having a few specialty tools can be a real time saver. A-Frame booths feature pre-punched holes that make panel alignment easier, but if holes don’t quite line up due to an un-even floor, a set of punches like the ones pictured below can make alignment a little easier.

Building a Paint Booth

When assembling panels, be sure to leave all the nuts and bolts ‘finger-tight.’ Once you have confirmed that wall and roof panels are plumb, level and true, it’s time to tighten bolts...and there are a lot of them! We have found small, cordless impact drivers like the ones pictured below to be huge time savers!

Building a Paint Booth

Another helpful tool when building a paint booth is a panel hoist, (sometimes called a ‘drywall lift.’) They can be rented inexpensively from most equipment rental companies and will save lots of time and effort. As you can see in the photo below, we use a small ladder scaffold and a panel hoist to make lifting and attaching roof panels a little easier.

Building a Paint Booth

If your having trouble with your paint booth, or you’re considering a homemade paint booth, please give us a call, we’re here to help, and we can save you precious time and money!

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