Hobby Paint Booth

At A-Frame, we provide a full line of paint booths for the automotive refinishing trade, but we also cater to hobbyists and in-home painters who need a safe, effective and affordable hobby paint booth. Though there are many sites on the web that suggest a homemade paint booth, they are often inefficient, and in some cases dangerous.

Hobby Paint BoothA-Frame has several solutions for those who need such a booth. Our Dust Devil paint booth is a compact, 10' long booth that will fit in most garages or workshops without taking up all of your space. As with all of our booths, the Dust Devil is completely code compliant, safe, effective and very affordable, priced at just $5,295. Best yet, you'll be painting in a real bona-fide paint booth, not a thrown-together plastic and wooden contraption. Your paint jobs will be cleaner, and you'll be safer knowing the ventilation is adequate.

Hobby Paint BoothAnother great solution for those who need an affordable, compact booth is a Industrial Bench Booth like the one pictured here. Just like the Dust Devil, this booth is code compliant, and safe to use. As with all of our booths, this bench booth is built from sturdy 18 gauge galvanized steel featuring bolt-together construction and includes spark-proof fan and motor. This booth starts at $2,050.

Weather you are a home hobbyist, or a full service body shop, A-Frame has the right booth for you and the best prices in the business! Please contact us for a quote or for more information, we'll be glad to help!

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