Homemade Paint Booth?

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A homemade paint booth is often considered by many of our clients at A Frame. After all, they are frequently experienced craftsmen and are looking to save money wherever possible. Though this option may work well for some people, there are some key factors that should be considered, such as code compliance, available materials, and most importantly….TIME. As is the case in most businesses, labor is among the highest of operating costs…usually more that materials.

Take for example a client of ours sometime back who called and asked for a price for a Fan and Motor, Motor Controls and an Exhaust Plenum. His plan was to build the rest of the booth himself in order to save money. We quoted him the items he requested, as well as our price on the Squall Booth (as a complete package.) One week later, he called and ordered the complete booth. His time was just too valuable to commit to building a booth. In the end it was far less expensive to order a new, complete and warranted product.

Compare these two possible scenarios and adjust your own dollar amounts as you see fit:

Homemade paint boothPlastic, Wood, Drywall or Metal (18 gauge steel is required by code) for body of booth: $1,500.
Six(6) Sealed Light Fixtures @ $270 each: $1,620.
24” Exhaust Fan with Motor: $1,250.
Motor Control Panel: $300.
Complete set of Intake and Exhaust Filters: $150.
Various Hardware and parts required for assembly: $300.
Value of your time required to shop for everything above, transport it to your shop and design and fabricate parts prior to assembly (assuming it takes one week @ $20. Per hour): $1120.

Total = $6,240

-The homemade paint booth described above does not come with any kind of warranty.
-It may not be code compliant.
-You do not have the benefit of calling the manufacturer for help if something goes wrong or does not work.
-Most importantly, it took all week to get the parts together during which time you have not gotten any cars painted.
As before this option may work for some, but generally, a homemade paint booth simply does not pay off. It’s too expensive and it takes up too much of your most valuable asset: your time.


Alternative to Homemade paint boothA complete Squall paint booth, ready to install, completely code compliant WITH a warranty and fantastic customer support: $6,195.
Most importantly, you can focus on your business and production while your booth is shipped to you!

Please call us for a quotation if you are considering a homemade booth. It’s a very good possibility we can save you valuable time and money!

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