Used Paint Booth

Are you considering buying a used paint booth?
Below are a few important factors to consider:

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How is the used booth assembled?

Does it assemble with ‘Zip Screws?’ If so, think twice! Re-installation of a paint booth that assembles screws with can be very problematic. It is unlikely that panels will align correctly in your new facility and you will probably have to drill numerous holes to assemble the booth correctly.
A-Frame paint booth panels come with pre-punched, pre-aligned holes to make assembly (and reassembly) much easier!

Is the used booth already taken down?

Unless you have detailed schematics and parts lists, it can be very difficult to reassemble a used booth. There are typically many different parts and panels, and they can be hard to identify. Though the price for a used booth may very low, plan on spending a LOT of time figuring out how to assemble a used booth without appropriate detailed schematics and parts lists.

What is the condition of the Fan and Motor?

The fan and motor assembly of a paint booth are among the most expensive components. Though the ceiling and wall panels may appear to be in good condition, the fan motor may be old, or in disrepair. A great price on a used booth can become not-so great if you have to replace a motor. In addition, light fixture ballasts and sockets can be old or worn, adding to the headache. All A-Frame paint booths are warranted for one year, and we stand behind our product. We are available to help you at any time, before, during and after the sale!

Transportation and Replacement Parts.

Paint booth parts are heavy, and even a smaller used paint booth will have many parts. Plan on making multiple trips with a trailer to transport the booth to a new location. When transporting lights and light fixtures, you can count on some parts breaking or being lost. Also, plan on having to replace additional parts such as exhaust and intake filters, lamps and exhaust system components. When you add all this up, an inexpensively purchased used paint booth can become more expensive very quickly.
A-Frame can ship a complete, code compliant booth directly to your shop, ready for assembly without extra hidden expenses and headaches!

What if I need help or have questions?

At A-Frame, we not only sell booths, but we also install them regularly. If you encounter problems during installation or operation, we are here to help. Chances are, we have seen the problem before and have the solution. The seller of a used booth is simply not motivated to keep you as a customer; we are!

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